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Why Your Lover Loves You? is funny facebook application which lets users generates their result by allowing a facebook application.
It provides user a result with a perfect reason for specific user as shown in sample above.

Why Your Lover Loves You? And Your Significant Other? - By using this application, you will be gaining reason as how much your partner or lover loves you.
You will finally be able to lay to rest important questions which have been lingering in your mind, keeping you awake at night:

Which superhero do I have an uncanny similarity to?
Who would I be confused with if I were to wake up in Middle Earth? Or Hogwarts?
Am I most like Peter, Louis, Stewie, or Brian Griffin? Lol I'm Kidding...

Why Your Lover Loves You Test is the most scientifically valid way of testing your mind is it prepare for to fictional result. After completing the survey, you will instantly be able to see what is the reason behind your lover or partner loves you.